Oysters party & spring menu at J Sheekey

Located in an alley near Piccadilly Circus, the J Sheekey appears like an original bistro with a fancy look. Take a sit at the bar, this is where you can watch the cooks peel lobster or open oysters. And don’t forget to drink the Aperol Spritz – perfectly mixed!

scallops“Fish are like men, I prefer them raw” – well, this is the place to be to eat some raws. First, enjoy your meal in tasting different oysters. This mix consists of Fine de Claire, Dungarvan oysters, West Mersea native oysters No.2 and Carlingford Lough oysters. A lovely map of North Europe for £19,50. Easy, right?

The tasting takes place in a marine atmosphere. The decor of this restaurant is strangely similar to a boat’s decoration. We feel close to the sea and we love it!

CevicheAppetite comes with eating. We continue with our culinary tasting with scared scallops, wild garlic and chilli (#yummyyum), bass ceviche with avocado, japaleño and plantain crisps (one of my favorite) and buffalo mozzarella, avocado and rocket pesto (mmmmh italian food).

Who can finish dinner without taking a dessert? Certainly not us. That’s why we took the delicious Papua chocolate bar with Gariguette strawberries. Spring time, isn’t it?

Good food, good service … and holiday memories that resurface. J Sheekey is for you, seafood lovers.

J Sheekey – 28-32 St Martin’s Court, London WC2N 4AL

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