Le Menar – authentic flavour of the sun in Central London

Summer is coming soon. As I will not visit the North of Africa, I found a lovely place in Central London to feel myself like in an oriental country : Le Menar London.

The atmosphere is really cozy and oriental : small tables, soft lighting and Arabic music. Everything is there to feel like in Africa.


To start the dinner, I asked a haloumi not spicy. It’s served with harissa but as I am sensible, I don’t really like spicy food. My father told me when he was young, he did a competition with my uncle. The person who eats more harissa as possible wins. Obviously I definitely loose if I play at this game.

Back in the heart of the topic – the starter was really delicious : tasty and light to start the dinner. Cheese was delicious and remains me a barbecue lunch with my family on a sunny sunday. I was looking forward to taste the next course.


Here we are : beef tagine with couscous, such a yummy way to enjoy a friday evening! The beef cooked in tagine is based and slightly spicy. I was thinking where I ate the best tagine ever. Probably in Morocco but I remembered a nice place in France (parisian suburb near to Vincennes). In France we have good couscous and in England you have good indian food, isn’t it? (I’m looking forward to write about indian food btw!)

To finish this dinner, I needed a light desert. Strawberries served with rosewater and cream were perfect to have a sweet touch. The rosewater remains me the wonderful gardens we can visit in North of Africa – what about a shortly escape in Marrakech right now?


What I like : we don’t wait a long time between different courses – just enough time to digest – and the cushions and comfortable seats around the room.

What I don’t like : there is not a terrace or a garden to enjoy more oriental food.

Le Menar London
55 Cleveland Street, W1T 4JL – Goodge Street Station


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