New year = new brunch!

Firtsly, I wish a Happy new year to all the foodies in London and around the world. What are your new resolutions for 2017? If you are reading these words, you will know that this year I would like to prepare something crazy for The Foodlish. Stay tuned guys! But now it’s time to talk about this new veggie brunch at KuPP. 


They just launched their new veggie brunch which is packed with nutritious and delicious ingredients inspired by the growing veggie trend. Served on a traditional wooden bord, tuck into a marvellous medley of Scandi favourites piled high and including quinoa, kale and butternut bites; earthy roasted beetroot and smoked red onions; Swedish Västerbotten and Danish blue cheeses as well as delightful dips to dunk hunks of sourdough and crispbread into.


Not feeling the veggie vibe? The new smörgasbord joins an existing collection of brunch bords including one packed with fish and seafood, another where a smoked fore-rib of beef is the main attraction and of course, KuPP’s signature brunch choice, the KuPP Bord loaded with Swedish meatballs, potted rabbit and chorizo sausage rolls.

Feeling hungry? 😉

The brunch is priced at £30 per person and is available every Saturday and Sunday between 12noon and 5pm.

KuPP – 5 Merchant Square, Paddington, London W2 1AS

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