The Bothy is now open! #DrakeAndMorgan

The Bothy, the latest addition of Drake And Morgan, is now open in Canary Wharf. Artisan specialities, epicurean delights, fine vintages and more, The Bothy is a new place to go for all the foodies in London.


A  V I E W
The Bothy is located in West India Quay – charge your phone at 100%, you will grab it for snaps of The Thames and Canary Wharf’s iconic towers – no filter required, I swear!

Canary Wharf

O N  T H E  T A B L E
For the opening launch party, I’ve tasted some great canapés and sweet treats. First, some waiters were around people on the terrace serving Aberdeen Angus mini burgers, haddock & chips with tartare sauce, scotch quail egg with aioli, and other delicious treats. As desserts, we had deep fried Mars bars, Cranachans with Irn-Bru jelly and some chocolate brownies.

Cranachan with Irn-Bru jelly

The Bothy’s kitchen is open everyday from 8am to 10pm for breakfasts, lunchs and dinners. And don’t forget their brunch every weekends available from 10am. Yummy!

Deep Fried Mars bars

F R O M  T H E  B A R
I think it’s definitely a place to go for good cocktails. Mixologists behind the bar are known for their creative handcrafted cocktails. What we had last time :

  • Summer Nights : Ketel One vodka, watermelon, sugar syrup & mint
  • London Spritz : Tanqueray gin, cucumber, ederflower, apple, mint & soda
  • Princess Peach : Johnnie Walker Black label, peach puree, lemon juice & tonic water

C O C K T A I L  M A S T E R C L A S S
If you want to learn how to make cocktails yourself, you can participate to a cocktail masterclass for £55 per person. The Bothy is giving cocktail masterclasses where you will create three cocktails and then sit down for dinner afterwards. Shake, shake, shake!

Princess Peach

Eat, drink and relax a while, what else do we need sometime?

The Bothy
16 Hertsmere Road, West India Quay
London, E14 4AX



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