Ramen, ramen, Amen. #KanadaYa

I would love to go to Canada this year, but I’ve only been in Kanada-Ya to start. Ramen, ramen… Amen. This is definitely a place to go if you fancy a ramen in Central London.


I had the Tonkotsu X Ramen: Pork and corn fed chicken bone broth, chashu pork belly wood ear fungus, seaweed, spring onion, exclusive to London (£10.50).


And my friend doesn’t eat meat, so there is one veggie option : porcini-soy milk, secret sauce, asparagus (£10).


Don’t leave without drinking a Sake to end the dinner.  Maybe too greedy, my friend and I had ‘the Sake Sampler’. It includes three sake (and I would definitely recommend the last one):

  1. JEWEL BROCADE : Dewazakura Omachi Junmai Ginjo;
  2. HEAT OF OAK : Tamagawa Junmai ;
  3. YUZU : Umenoyado Yuzu Liqueur.


Why should you wait to go? Book a table here.

4 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LE

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