About Me

H U N G R Y  A N D  F O O L I S H


Who is it behind the screen?

I’m a French girl living in London and I’ve always been crazy about food since I was a child. Loving food and going to the restaurant doesn’t mean I’m an expert and know everything about food and cooking.

Cooking is always a challenge for me, I’m the Bridget Jones in cooking and I could have cooked this blue soup. So, instead of that, I love going to the restaurant and taste new dishes. It has always been a habit in my family. I think I can tell that I know how to appreciate good food and good wine.

As I like writing and blogging, I decided to share with you all my experiences about the food scene in London. It means new openings, pop-ups, new menu or dishes. And I’m sure one day, I will write and publish my own recipes…


For any media or event enquiries or general questions about me or the food scene in London, please contact me at: thefoodlish@outlook.com.

I am also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under @thefoodlish.

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